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ZCB 4.4 out for download. How to say “cloud backup” in Australian?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

We kicked off the holiday season this year with our latest release – ZCB 4.4. Here is a quick overview of what’s new.

Hello Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8!

This release of ZCB fully supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. All applications and system state backup are supported. So go ahead and protect your investment in your latest Windows systems!

Super-fast local backups

While ZCB’s network performance has been quite trendsetting (some of our customers have reported uploads at more than 130+ Mbps in their environments!), recently we set our sights on the performance of our local backups. This is an important area for ZCB since it supports unlimited local backups to local/external/network drives, unlike many other backup services.

I’m happy to share that our engineering team has been able to significantly improve the performance of local backups in ZCB 4.4. Here is a chart to show a comparison:

Note that to reap the full benefits of this improvement, you will need to turn off compression or the load on CPU may become the bottleneck.

User-friendly restore of AES 256 bit encrypted backups

In case you lost your encryption key after using it to backup your data, ZCB 4.4 allows you to recreate decryption keys for restore. All you need is the passphrase you used earlier. Of course, you need to at least remember that passphrase to take advantage of this feature!

Here is this option to create the decryption key on the Restore page of the ZCB user interface:

A new Amazon region – Asia Pacific (Sydney)

If you are in or near to the Australian region and would like to backup to a local data-center for compliance and performance reasons there is a good news: ZCB now supports the brand new Amazon S3 region in Sydney.

And as a welcome gesture, like always, we have made usage to this new region absolutely free until December 31, 2012! So purchase ZCB today and give it a spin!

We are excited to hear about our customers’ experience with this new version. As always, please let us know your comments and feature requests at

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Thank you!