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Sun Heats Up Cloud Storage

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Today Sun announced the Sun Cloud, including its Sun Cloud Storage Service at CommunityOne East in New York. We announced our partnership with Sun on integrating all our three products: Amanda Enterprise, Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL and Zmanda Cloud Backup with Sun Cloud. In near future, our customers will be able to chose between Sun Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 as the destination of their backup archives. Also, users running critical application on the Sun Cloud Compute Service will be able to protect their data using Zmanda’s products.

Sun CloudOf particular interest to us is Sun’s approach to use open and well defined APIs for their cloud services. We got access to Sun Cloud Storage Service (SCSS) few weeks ago. We are able to use either an S3 Compatible API or a WebDAV API for integration. We chose to use S3 APIs for integrating with Amanda, and WebDAV API for integrating with ZRM. In the short-term, these APIs made it easy for us to do the integration. In the long-term, this open architecture will result in rapid innovation. As an industry, open APIs enable us to stand on each other’s shoulders (rather than step on each other’s toes by developing closed solutions from scratch which have overlapping components).

This marks key next step in Zmanda’s cloud backup strategy. We are integrating with storage clouds using an open Cloud API, which is extension of our Device API. We will be the link between on-premises data and any storage cloud of customer’s choice.

Cloud backup space is certainly heating up, and Sun added its warmth to the space today.