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New face of MySQL backups

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Check out this short demo of Management Console of MySQL backup

Sexy back(up)

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Could not resist the title after reading what Matt wrote. Sexy and exciting, indeed. Most of the crew here have their heads buried with the upcoming releases of Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL. We are continuing to enhance the Management console for Network backup. And with the next release of ZRM for MySQL, backup of MySQL database will never be the same. Dmitri already wrote about how easy it will be to manage MySQL backups from Iphone. Additionally we are fixing stuff in the Management console for ease of use. You can see, touch and feel them at LinuxWorld. Come check us out. And watch this space for more excitement !

Managing backup of MySQL via iPhone

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Given a chance, I always check on different gadgets with various browsers and form factors. As soon as iPhone became available, I was at the Apple store checking out the new device and especially its web browsing capabilities.

It took me a couple of attempts to type the URL, but then I got it right and I could see our web site, wiki and forums. Everything looked great. Surprisingly, I could see most of the page without too much zooming and moving the window. Our upcoming Management Console for backup and recovery of MySQL is built on a LAMP stack with a look and feel similar to our website. What if we could actually manage all or at least some frequent day to day backup activities of MySQL DBA via iPhone?

Here at Zmanda we are moving fast, and within a few days we presented to a couple of our customers how to manage MySQL backups via iPhone. Here is a use case. A DBA receives an e-mail with notification that MySQL backup failed. To figure out if she needs to take action, the DBA logs into Zmanda Management Console for MySQL backup. She checks first the calendar view to see when was the last successful backup (see the actual photo). Green square means that backup was successful and red square indicates that a backup failed. She can tap on any day in a calendar when backups were done, and see details for a particular backup. For example, on July 11th at 02:57:22 there was a successful backup of Netflix database with retention policy of 10 days. That particular backup was not compressed and not encrypted. Knowing that she had a recent good backup, she can drill then into an event log, identify the source of failure and decide if any further action should be taken.

So far reaction of customers who have seen our Management Console in action on an iPhone has been divided. One DBA expressed an opinion that no serious administrative task such as backup of MySQL should be done via “a toy that lacks enterprise security features”. Another customer got very excited and is open to the possibility of opening a port in a firewall to connect to the Zmanda Management Console server via iPhone and manage many of his backup tasks remotely.

To get more feedback we will show how to manage backups of MySQL using Zmanda Recovery Manager and backups of file systems using Amanda Enterprise via iPhone at the upcoming LinuxWorld in San Francisco on August 6-9.

ZMC for ZRM on iPhone
Dmitri Joukovski