Swift @ OpenStack Summit 2012

We just came back from OpenStack Summit 2012 in San Diego.  Summit was full of energy and rapid progress of OpenStack project, on both technical and business fronts, was palpable.

Our participation was focused around OpenStack Swift, and here are three notable sessions (including our own!) on the topic:

(1) COSBench: A Benchmark Tool for Cloud Object Storage Service: Folks from Intel presented how they designed and implemented a Cloud Storage benchmark tool, called COSBench (Cloud Object Storage Benchmark), for OpenStack Swift. In our previous blog, we briefly introduced COSBench and our expectation of this tool becoming the de facto Swift benchmarking tool in the future. In this session, the presenter also demonstrated how to use COSBench to analyze the bottleneck of a Swift cluster when it is under certain workload. The most promising point in this session is the indication that COSBench is going to be released to the open-source community. The slides for the session are available here.

(2) Building Applications with OpenStack Swift: In this very interesting talk from SwiftStack, a primer was provided on how to build web-based application on top of OpenStack Swift. The presentation team jumped into code-level to explain how to extend and customize Swift authentication and how to develop custom Swift middleware. The goal is to seamlessly support the integration between the web applications and Swift infrastructure.  A very useful presentation for developers who are thinking of how to make applications for Swift.

(3) How swift is you Swift?: Goal of this presentation (from Zmanda) was to shed light on the provisioning problem for Swift infrastructure. We looked at almost every hardware and software component in Swift and discussed how to pick up the appropriate hardware and software settings for optimizing the upfront cost and performance. Besides, we also talked about the performance degradation when a failure (e.g. node or HDD failure) happens. Our slides are available here.

All in all the Summit was a great step forward in the evolution of Swift.

If you are thinking of putting together a storage cloud, we would love to discuss your challenges and share our observations. Please drop us a note at  swift@zmanda.com

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