Open Source Software……in your CAR?

So recently my wife and I bought a new ‘used’ car ….

The car came with the OEM CD changer. While the cd changer did the job it was not sufficient for me…..6 disc cd changers are so 90’s aren’t they???

So I started to research other options to replace the cd changer.

I wanted something simple that would be scaleable and most importantly, whatever I chose needed to Integrate into my current soundsystem which includes an on board GPS system. It also had to be relatively low cost.

So with these requirements, I set off to search for a replacement for my 6 disc CD changer…

I stumbled onto a Digital Music System. Which consists of either a 40 gb hard drive or can be upgraded to 80 gb or 120 gb.
I chose the 40 gb version. This hard drive can be connected to my PC at home and I can load 1/3
of my music collection onto this drive before filling it up. This system met all my other requirements as well. It was simple to
install, and plugged into my car in place of the cd changer.

My car saw this device as a CD Changer, and it integrated into my existing car stereo without any modifications.

Through my research I found that this system was built on Linux. The manufacturer of this system chose Linux, for 2 main reasons (according to their website)

1) reliability
2) cost….no licensing fees!

My wife and I can now cruise around and listen to all the music we want. (although she’s not as excited about this as I am)

I can sleep better at night knowing I paid HALF of what I would have paid, had I bought a proprietary MP3 Player from the Automobile Manufacturer.

Similarly, Amanda Enterprise running on Linux can fulfill your requirements for a simple and cost effective backup solution, and help you sleep better at night knowing that your data is not being held hostage in proprietary data formats.

Along with Amanda Enterprise edition ZRM can protect your MySQL databases, and integrate into your current network backup solution.

Who needs sleeping pills, when you have Zmanda on your side…..:)

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