Having an expert to talk to when you run into problems…..

Recently I purchased an awesome set of surround speakers and receiver. After doing my fair share of research and determining what exactly I wanted, I set out to buy my new toys!

Now I consider myself pretty well versed when it comes to home audio, but as always there are some things which I need to ask questions about.

I first went to one of those huge electronic retailers.
I found the speakers and the receiver I wanted but when I asked the salesman some specific questions about the receiver
he was unable to answer those questions for me.

So my next stop was a specialty home theater shop that sells only home audio/video products and accessories. The salesman at this shop was able to answer ALL of my questions.
He also volunteered his time after the sale to answer any questions I have or help me address any problems.

So as you guessed it. I ended up buying my home audio equipment from the specialty home theater shop.

I felt better about purchasing something knowing that if I had any problems I could easily pick up the phone and speak with anyone at the specialty home theater shop and they would be able to answer my questions.

I am very particular about my home audio equipment, I want to make sure that is configured correctly and is always putting out the best sound possible.

The same is true for backup software. Protecting your data is probably one of the most important things you can do for the continuous success of your business.

Don’t you want to make sure that when you encounter problems with your backup solution you can simply pick up the phone or email an expert and know that your issue will be resolved and you’ll be protecting your data again, so that you can go home and enjoy your new surround sound system, knowing that you’re data is protected!!!!!

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