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Zmanda Open Source Backup, MySQL backup
Announcing Amanda Enterprise 3.0
Buy Amanda Enterprise Edition
Amanda Enterprise should be on the short list of any IT manager looking for a backup solution.
Arun Taneja,
Noted Storage Analyst

Security Certified

 Red Hat Ready Partner

 MySQL Certified Technology

 Solaris Ready
Heterogeneous Support
  • Amanda Enterprise Backup Server: Choose a Linux or Solaris server.
  • Zmanda Clients: Choose a Linux, Solaris, Windows or Mac OS X client.
  • Zmanda Agents: Choose agents for applications and databases you want to backup.
Amanda Enterprise Backup Server Zmanda Clients Zmanda Agents
Red Hat Enterprise Red Hat Enterprise Oracle Server on Linux
CentOS CentOS Oracle Server on Solaris
Fedora Fedora Oracle Server on Windows
Oracle Enterprise Linux Oracle Enterprise Linux Microsoft Exchange Server
SUSE Linux Enterprise SUSE Linux Enterprise Microsoft SQL Server
OpenSUSE OpenSUSE Microsoft SharePoint
Debian Debian PostgreSQL & Postgres Plus
Ubuntu Ubuntu  
Solaris Solaris  
OpenSolaris OpenSolaris  
  Mac OS X  
  Microsoft Windows  

See the Compatibility Matrix table for a complete list of supported clients by release level.

Storage Options
You can choose from many different backup media, including online storage.

Storage Options
Tapes All tapes, tape libraries, auto changers
Online Storage Amazon S3 online storage
Optical Storage Devices Optical jukeboxes

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For more information on Amanda Enterprise, please contact Zmanda Sales

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