Zmanda Extends Amanda Enterprise Support to all Major Corporate Computing Platforms

Zmanda Continues to Enhance Amanda Open Source Data Protection Software for Enterprise Use

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - August 10, 2006 - Zmanda, the leader in open source data protection, today announced that its Amanda Enterprise Edition data protection software now supports all major corporate computing platforms. Zmanda has extended Amanda Enterprise platform support to include the Windows and Solaris operating systems, adding to the previously-supported Linux operating environment. With the new platform support, Zmanda Network subscribers can use the affordable, tested and certified Amanda Enterprise open source software to protect business-critical data throughout their enterprise.

Amanda Enterprise is a commercial-grade version of the popular Amanda open source backup and recovery software, designed with a focus on enterprise security and usability. Amanda Enterprise has been tested, certified and pre-compiled for leading operating systems by Zmanda engineers to deliver proven, affordable open source data protection for a business-critical environment.

"Our mission is to deliver affordable, easy-to-use data protection software for a broad audience, and extending Amanda's support to the major enterprise operating systems is an important step," said Chander Kant, Zmanda's CEO. "Amanda Enterprise Edition expands the market for Amanda to corporations that seek the value, stability and performance of open source software, with the security, vendor accountability and support required by many businesses."

Zmanda Enhances Amanda Security and Usability

In a continuing effort to enhance Amanda Enterprise for commercial use, Zmanda has also recently made configuration easier and enhanced security in Amanda Enterprise. For example, Amanda Enterprise now features improved security for both backup and restore processes, better support for firewalls, and support for OpenSSL.

"The Northwestern University Center for Atom-Probe Tomography (NUCAPT) in Evanston, Illinois has been relying on Amanda since they were founded and currently uses it to backup a 1.5 terabyte file server, as well as various workstations. "We have a very heterogeneous network here, and Amanda clients for Windows will make it much easier to protect our data," said Richard Karnesky, IT administrator for NUCAPT. "Zmanda has done a great job managing the Amanda project and continues to make important improvements to it."

Amanda Enterprise Part of Zmanda Network

Amanda Enterprise is available as part of the Zmanda Network, a full suite of software and services for affordable, commercial-grade data protection. The Zmanda Network is a subscription-based service that provides access to the Zmanda community portal as well as a range of available services for enterprise use. Zmanda Network is designed to be an easy, one-stop solution for commercial Amanda users, with benefits such as vendor accountability, commercial-grade production support, the Zmanda Knowledgebase, automated software updates, security alerts and IP indemnification.

For more information about the Zmanda Network and Amanda Enterprise software, please go to the Zmanda website at

About Zmanda

Zmanda was founded in September 2005 to bring the benefits of open source software to the data protection market. The company's flagship offering is the Zmanda Network, a suite of enterprise software and services based on the world's most popular open source data backup and recovery technology, Amanda. Zmanda is committed to enabling the widespread adoption of open source data protection solutions in the enterprise. Zmanda's corporate leadership includes veteran executives with experience in enterprise storage and open source software. The company's headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. For more information about Zmanda, please go to

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